Mapping Asian Cultures: From Data to Knowledge

Project Number: HSS-0901-P02

Awarded by University Research Council (URC), National University of Singapore (NUS)


Principal Investigator:

Assoc Prof Kay O'Halloran (Multimodal Analysis Lab, Interactive & Digital Media Institute IDMI, NUS)

Co - Principal Investigators:

Assoc Prof Robbie Goh (Department English Language & Literature, Faculty Arts & Social Sciences, NUS) and Asst Prof Giorgos Cheliotis (Communications and New Media, Faculty Arts & Social Sciences NUS)


Assoc Prof Lonce Wyse (Communications and New Media, Faculty Arts & Social Sciences NUS) and Assoc Prof Roger Zimmermann, Computer Science, School of Computing, NUS)

External Collaborators:

Prof Lev Manovich (Visual Arts Dept, University of California, San Diego) and Assoc Prof Kevin Judd (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Western Australia)

Mapping Asian Cultures is a cutting-edge research on digital humanities and cultural analytics which aims to analyze and visualize cultural data to study patterns, dynamics and trends. The project team will undertake a number of case studies to visualize patterns in the cultural development of Asia over a 100-year period (early 20th century until today) to map vectors of influence between different Asian traditions and the West. The online cultural dynamics in Asia and other geographical regions will be compared and models of cultural development will be used to detect new cultural currents to understand the position of Asian media creators.












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